The Galavant Finale Ruined Isabella


**Spoilers for Galavant ahead. Proceed with caution**

When I first saw the previews for Galavant, I was unabashedly excited. After it started, I realized it wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but I was still firmly on board. It was just good fun and though Galavant himself could get pretty damn annoying, the other characters were solid. My favorite was King Richard (mostly because I love everything Timothy Omundson does) but Isabella was a close second. I liked that she wasn’t the typical damsel in distress, that she could sword fight, and that she occasionally called Galavant out on his crap. Of course I knew she had Galavant were going to get together, but I was hopeful that they wouldn’t totally destroy her independence in the process.

My hopes were dashed in the season finale.

The ending was designed to set up the second season: King Richard is sentenced to death for drunkenly planning to kill his brother (while singing the BEST song of the season), so Gareth has to break him out of jail. Gareth breaks Galavant out of jail as well, sending him with King Richard and commanding Galavant to protect the King. Meanwhile, Isabella and the others are used as collateral to ensure Galavant’s cooperation. When the Queen orders everyone killed, Gareth lets all of them escape except Sid, who apparently is still acting as Gareth’s collateral. Next thing you know, the Queen has killed King Richard’s brother and Gareth sits on the throne next to her. THAT was a good ending.

Isabella, on the other hand, immediately leads her group to her cousin’s castle. Her cousin is a pre-teen boy to whom Isabella happens to be engaged. Isabella says she has nowhere else to go and her cousin responds by placing her in a large, locked room covered in pink. And Isabella just walks inside, then stares out forlornly. The narrator asks whether Isabella will have to wait forever.

So, to recap, of the three main characters, Galavant is off on adventures with Richard, Sid gets a ring-side seat to King Gareth’s rule, and…Isabella gets to wait in a big box. Not only is that completely lame, but it’s also completely out of character. Isabella never struck me as someone who would just accept that fate; this is the same woman who took out a group of pirates! The very least the show could have given us is to show Isabella and her crew traveling and left the whole “Izzy in a Box” storyline for the possible second season where the reasons for her change of heart could be explained. But no, just get her captured and pitiful so that Galavant can come rescue her and “prove” his love.


There might be plans to redeem this abysmal end, but since a second season seems unlikely, Izzy will be waiting for a proper end forever.

5 Reasons Why Columbo’s Wife is a Cool Lady

Anyone who has watched Columbo (everyone should; it’s on Netflix instant streaming), knows that he talks about his wife a lot. She never actually shows up in the series, but she is still a constant presence known only through the Leiutenant’s references to her. But, if you pay attention, you start to realize that Mrs. Columbo is actually a really cool person, who is actually more interesting than some other female characters who DO appear on screen (I’m looking at you, Dawn).


What’s up with that?

So, in tribute to this elusive lady, here are five reasons why Mrs. Columbo is cool¹:

1. She’s super smart

When Columbo was solving the murder at the Mensa group, the murderer gave him a limited information puzzle to solve to test his IQ. According to Columbo, he couldn’t solve it, but Mrs. Columbo could. Also, Columbo talks to her about his cases and she’s given him the solution in several instances.

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“Forever” Tackles Gentrification and Steps in a Pile of White Savior Complex

Warning! This post contains instances of nitpicking (and spoilers). Proceed at your own risk.

Have you seen Forever? It’s only on it’s sixth episode, so you’d be forgiven for having missed it. The premise is this: an immortal medical examiner in New York City solves murders with his trusty cop sidekick. I’m really enjoying it so far, though I have to wonder when the whole “protagonist is involved in every major historical event” will become too implausible to be borne.


Starring Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four

In the fifth episode, Henry, the aforementioned immortal, is trying to solve the murder of a black man in Alphabet City. It quickly becomes apparent that this man was fighting against the arrival of a new, shiny set of million-dollar apartments in the poor neighborhood he lived in, and it appears that the developer building the new apartments is the murderer.

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My Monday Pop Obsession: Sleepy Hollow

What do you get if you cross the X-Files with Supernatural and throw in a lot of Revolutionary War references? Why, my favorite new show Sleepy Hollow of course!


The show follows the adventures of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. Ichabod is the most well-connected soldier in the American Revolution who was put into stasis in the 1700s only to wake up in modern times. Abbie is a no-nonsense cop with a troubled past. Together, they try to stop the biblical end of days from arriving and do battle with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. They get help from Abbie’s guerrilla-fighting, badass sister, the police chief, and Ichabod’s wife, who is a witch and was, for a time, trapped in purgatory.

I know it reads like the most ridiculous thing ever, but trust me, it works.

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