Hello and welcome to my blog! I, like most of the world, am an avid consumer of popular culture. I love all the crazy, cheesy, occasionally brilliant aspects. I watch a lot of TV and movies and listen to a lot of music.

But, I am also a liberal and a feminist and am aware of my white privilege. So, sometimes I don’t like what I see perpetuated in pop culture. Ok, actually, I don’t like it a lot of the time. I made this blog for the sole purpose of airing my liberal guilt and maybe adding a tiny bit to what I see as a necessary conversation. This conversation is necessary because what we see on our TVs and what we hear in our music does make a difference in the real world, both in how society treats certain people and how people see themselves. We can certainly turn our brains off while watching Game of Thrones or the latest Marvel movie, but at some point, we have to turn them back on again and be aware of what message they send out into the world.

Some of what I write here will attempt (and possibly fail) to be insightful. Sometimes I’ll just be complaining about stupid lyrics or an outright dumb show. Hopefully, everything I say will be blindingly interesting.

Regardless, I would love to see your comments! I welcome honest criticism of my views and opinions. However, I will be moderating the threads and if any comment contains even one threat or personal attack, I will not approve it.

Happy reading!

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