My Monday Pop Obsession: Sleepy Hollow

What do you get if you cross the X-Files with Supernatural and throw in a lot of Revolutionary War references? Why, my favorite new show Sleepy Hollow of course!


The show follows the adventures of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. Ichabod is the most well-connected soldier in the American Revolution who was put into stasis in the 1700s only to wake up in modern times. Abbie is a no-nonsense cop with a troubled past. Together, they try to stop the biblical end of days from arriving and do battle with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. They get help from Abbie’s guerrilla-fighting, badass sister, the police chief, and Ichabod’s wife, who is a witch and was, for a time, trapped in purgatory.

I know it reads like the most ridiculous thing ever, but trust me, it works.

This is mostly because of the relationship between the two main characters. Their partnership is adorable and sweet but also desperate. They are the only person the other can rely on and also cosmically linked according to THE BIBLE. That’s right, God himself has decreed that they should be friends.


Ichabbie 4eva

Accordingly, the show has built a palpable bond between Ichabod and Abbie that emotionally grounds the show even while Ichabod’s name-dropping yet another Founding Father who left yet another magical artifact conveniently hidden in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

The show also benefits from a fantastic set of supporting characters. Abbie’s relationship with her sister is incredibly well-developed and I enjoy seeing them together almost as much as Abbie and Ichabod. Plus, John Noble, aka the Steward of Gondor and Walter Bishop from Fringe, has joined the cast as a regular! His character is too full of spoilers to describe, but trust me, he’s awesome.

As an added bonus, Sleepy Hollow‘s cast is also one of the most ethnically diverse on TV. I can think of only 5 white, recurring characters, only one of whom was born after 1800.

So, if you’re looking for something to watch on Monday night (and Gotham is disappointing you), I strongly recommend watching Sleepy Hollow.


You’re welcome.

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